February 28, 2017

JV With Singapore Poly

Collaborating for Healthier Options

Fong Yit Kaya’s Joint Venture with Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic is well known for providing quality educational services and producing some of the brightest students. Currently the institution had also made its name in the world of commerce, when its students, along with Fong Yit Kaya, initiated a quest for developing a healthier version of the Kaya.

In collaboration with Fong Yit Kaya, the final year students of the Food Technology Option, from the School of Chemical & Life Sciences of Singapore Poly, had developed a healthier version of Kaya which had 20% less sugar. The student team, comprising of Ms. Lin Cui Ping, Ms. Lang Wui Ting and Mr. Tan Hua Quan Jason, together with Fong Yit Kaya worked on developing the low-sugar Kaya recipe for over 2 years

To produce a low-cholesterol Kaya, the team at Singapore Poly had to replace the coconut and sugar from the original recipe with sugar replacements, low-fat coconut milk and low-fat milk, which are usually absent in the normal Kaya. In the year 2006, they came out triumphant with their new Kaya recipe, which had low sugar content, yet retained its familiar luscious taste.

The successful project was recognized by the Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology, and was nominated for the SIFST Food Product Award, which is given for innovation in food production. After its success, the product was launched by Fong Yit Kaya at the NTUC FairPrice shop, and soon became a hit with consumers.

Made of coconut, sugar and eggs, Kaya is a type of bread-spread or jam that is very popular in Southeast Asia. One of the major Kaya producers in Singapore, Fong Yit Kaya has been supplying quality Kaya to its customers for a number of years now. The company uses only the best quality ingredients and offers the product in different variants. One such Kaya variant you can find today is the healthy Less Sugar Kaya, which is the product of a joint venture between Fong Yit Kaya and the students of Singapore Polytechnic.

Healthier and Better Kaya

If you have liked the original XO Kaya, you are going to love its newer and healthier version – Less Sugar XO Kaya. The healthier Kaya has a smoother texture and a great taste, and can be enjoyed by both young and old alike. Thanks to its low sugar content, you can have a healthier and tastier breakfast with a lower calorie intake. With the increase in the number of health-conscious people everyday, Less Sugar Kaya is a great alternative.

About Fong Yit Kaya

Fong Yit Kaya was founded in the year 1946 by Mr. Goh Hong Chit, and continues to follow his commitment and philosophy to provide quality Kaya to its customers. All the products manufactured by the company are HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) certified and also Halal Certified by the MUIS.

About Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has been at the forefront in producing talented and skilled workforce to drive development in the country. The institution was established in 1954 and offers 78 diploma courses in varied fields like engineering, multimedia and technology, information technology, life sciences, business, biotechnology, and e-commerce.